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Helene van Santen (1981)

is an award-winning editor-in-chief with over 20 years' experience in digital and print publishing. Magazine creator, brand builder and digital strategist. Currently very happily working as editor-in-chief of Margriet at DPG Media in the Netherlands.

Editor-in-chief of the Year 2020

Helene is nominated for Cross Media Woman of the Year 2021 and awarded Mercur Editor-in-chief of the Year 2020. She also won several awards with Kek Mama: Cross Media Brand of 2020 and Most Popular Lifestyle Website of 2019. In addition, she won several awards with Libelle.nl, like Most Popular Lifestyle Website of 2018.

In 2013, Helene was the winner of a writing competition by British Vogue with the article Tommy Hilfiger Goes Pop, which was published on Vogue.co.uk. During her stay in London, Helene was among the first cohort of the Vogue Fashion Certificate course at the Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design. 


All things digital: online video; website; app; podcast; newsletter; social media; SEO; VSO; online shop; branded, shoppable and premium content. Helene knows how to develop and implement content, cross media and digital transition strategies.

In the media
Helene is regularly interviewed by several media, for example De Nieuws BV on NPO Radio 1, RTL Nieuws, 5 Uur Live and EditieNL on RTL4, and Shownieuws on SBS6.

Helene van Santen

Editor-in-chief | Magazine creator | Digital strategist |
Mercur Editor-in-chief of the Year 2020